Tips for Biking to Work

Welcome back to Liv Avenida Blog! May is National Bike Month, and it’s the perfect month to start using your bike again since the cold season is over. From Bike to School Day on May 8th, Bike to Work Week from May 13th-19th, and Bike to Work Day on May 17th, this month is filled with different events you can participate in nation-wide if you choose to. Whether this month marks the beginning of a new bike commuting habit or whether you just decide to join in on this month’s activities for a few days, we’re here to bring you some tips that will make your bike riding a little more enjoyable and safe this month. Consider the following when you bike near your Chandler, AZ apartment:  

Plan Your Route

Because your route to a given location could vary depending on your mode of transportation, it’s a smart idea to plan your bike route before you head out the door. Thanks to helpful apps like Google Maps and MayMyRide, you can find the most efficient bike-friendly route for any given location you choose. Whether you plan to memorize the route beforehand or use the GPS feature as you go, it’s a good idea to at least look over unfamiliar routes so you can focus most of your energy on biking safely and not on figuring out where to go.

Be Prepared

Bicycle commuting can be unpredictable, and because of that, you have to be ready for whatever might come your way. Because bike tires lose air more quickly than car tires do, get in the habit of setting aside enough time to check your air pressure before you leave. On top of that, it’s smart to have a simple bicycle repair kit and a travel pump with you on your commute so that if your tire gets a hole in it or goes flat unexpectedly, you have the right tools to address the problem. Also, because biking to work typically takes more time than driving does, make it a goal to get your work bag ready either before bed or right when you wake up so that your day starts off less hectic.

Remember Why

While commuting might seem really fun on National Bike to Work Day, when you choose to do it on a more consistent basis, there are times when it is more appealing to drive. For moments like these, it is to your advantage to prepare a few reasons as to why you’re doing this to be able to remember when you need to get excited again. One of the biggest reasons to commute, in our opinion, is the number of benefits it has for your personal life. If you bike to work, you’re saving a significant dollar amount on gas, car repair and maintenance, and even insurance. Simultaneously, the exercise you get by biking will benefit your physical and mental health. At the same time as you’re getting these personal rewards, you’re also contributing to a fresher air and a happier planet.

We hope you have a successful and safe National Bike Month! Stay safe, and thanks for reading.