Tips for Keeping a Pet in Your Apartment

Here at Liv Avenida apartment homes, we welcome your furry best friends. We are a pet-friendly apartment community here in Chandler, AZ. We accept dogs and cats, so read today’s blog for tips you might find useful for helping things run smoothly for both you and your pet.

Have an idea for what you’re getting into. There are plenty of joys that come with having a pet, but there are also a lot of things to keep track of. Stay aware of them so you can ensure you’re providing a healthy and welcoming environment for both of you. Set a schedule for food, rest, exercise, and play times so your pet can rely on you and so you can focus on addressing problems as they arise. Also, remember to make room in your monthly budget for costs related to your pet’s health and comfort. We require fees, including monthly fees, for pets in our apartments, so stay aware of them so you can make smart decisions for your other finances.

Recognize your pet’s need for space and move things around so they can have easy paths to move about your apartment without climbing on too many things and risking knocking things over. Encourage healthy habits and give your pets a bed or play area so they can enjoy their time in your apartment. Keep track of your pet’s health records with an app and devote yourself to grooming them (and brushing their teeth!) and cleaning up after them regularly.

Stay committed to a daily routine. Keeping a routine with your pet for simple things like feeding and exercise will keep your furry friend in tip-top emotional and physical shape. Now is a great time of year to enjoy the cooler Arizona weather, so mix things up by taking a walk outside. It can give you an opportunity to bond, meet other pets and owners, and give you both a break. All of these efforts and more can contribute to a great environment, so talk to our leasing office if you have questions about breeds allowed in the apartment community.

Next time we will share some tips for cleaning up pet hair. What are your best tips for keeping a pet in an apartment? Let us know by leaving a comment. Good luck, and have fun!