Tips for Making Friends

Anytime is a good time to make friends, but it can seem difficult to know where to start. Now is a relevant time, though, to prepare for making friends. A new school year is approaching, Friendship Day is on August 6th, and Friendship Week is the third week of the month. Today the Liv Avenida Blog has some basic important tips to remember as you go about trying to make new friends, in or outside of our apartment community in Chandler, AZ.

Respect others.

This is important whether or not you’re actively trying to make friends, every day of the year! Remember that while you’re trying to connect with someone, the other person may or may not actually want to reciprocate — and that’s okay! Respect others’ choices and personal space. Be respectful in how you speak to others. That’s simply the right thing to do, but you’ll also find that people will be more open to being your friend and reaching out if they feel they can trust you.

Make it natural.

Make an effort to reach out to someone you think could be a good friend, but don’t force it. Start with simple, pleasant conversations and try to find something you can bond over. Be yourself and let others be themselves. If it doesn’t click immediately, that’s ok. You can still be a friendly acquaintance. If you do feel like you want to spend more time with someone, invite them to do something or go somewhere with you, or find a way to do something nice for them. Be open and honest about your intentions so they can know what to expect.

Use your resources.

Liv Avenida is a great option for a comfortable, convenient apartment living. We also provide a few options for socializing. Our resident amenities and social events can give you a chance to talk to someone you never would’ve before. Invite a neighbor to go with you if you want some company or just an opportunity to do something with them. Take the opportunity to interact with others at our community garden, jogging path, group exercise classes, or weekly social events. Connect with other pet owners at the bark park, too! 

We hope you have a good time using these and other resources to make the most of our community and the great environment we provide. What are your favorite ways to make friends? Share your wisdom with the rest of us in the comments so we can try them out. 

Two men giving each other a high five.