Tips for Starting Your Year Off Right

The new year is the perfect time to embrace the freedom that comes with a new beginning. Set some goals and help yourself make the most out of the upcoming year by remembering the tips and ideas in today’s Liv Avenida Blog.


Evaluate the now.

It’s difficult to know what you want to do or change about your life when you’re not sure how you feel about where you’re at currently. Help yourself decide where you want to start your goal-setting by taking a good look at different aspects of your life today. Find something meaningful for you to work on so you’ll actually want to work on it in the upcoming days, weeks, and months.


Find your motivation.

Motivation, determination, and resilience will all be resilient to helping you achieve whichever goal you decide to set. As you’re choosing something to work on, don’t forget to evaluate the reasons why you want to focus on this specific thing. Why does it matter now? What do you hope to get from it — physically, mentally, and emotionally? How will this improve your life, your self-image, or your relationships with others? Why do these things matter to you?


Focusing on the most meaningful “why” to you will do much more to inspire you (especially when it gets difficult) than a checklist-sort of item on your New Year’s resolution list.


Set some goals.

As you’re setting goals, remember the aspects you’ve probably heard time and time again about effective goals: Start small and make your long-term goal and your short-term efforts manageable so you can actually do what you set out to do. Make it fun by doing it with a friend or using your skills and creativity to document your progress. And prep your mindset today: Be forgiving of yourself. Encourage yourself. Know that it’s your life. Do what’s best for you. Practice positive self-talk to make the entire process as positive as possible.


What are your best tips for starting off fresh the best you can? How do you get yourself motivated for positive change? Fill the rest of the apartment community in on your thoughts and wisdom by leaving a comment! Thanks for reading. Good luck and happy celebrating the new year in Chandler, Arizona.