Tips on Disconnecting

Social media has its benefits for everyone that uses it, but it can be a detriment and a time waster as well. During the summer, it can be hard to see others on tropical vacations while you’re at home in your Chandler, AZ apartment, and there may be times when it’s better to disconnect. In this week’s Liv Avenida Blog, we’ll share with you some simple tips on how to step away from your technology and appreciate the things around you!

Make Your Bedroom a Technology-Free Space

How many times have you decided that it’s time for bed and then ended up on scrolling mindlessly on your phone until you finally decide you have to get to sleep past midnight? Choosing to keep technology — and especially phones —  out of your bedroom is a good way to ensure you actually sleep. Keeping your tech out of sight will help to keep it out of mind.

The common argument for keeping technology close by (especially your phone) is being in reach in case of emergency. This is valid, but if you are expecting emergency phone calls, you can keep your phone charging away from where you sleep, preferably in a place where you have to get up out of bed to retrieve it.

Read a Book

Even though we often do plenty of reading on our smartphones and computers, we tend to shy away from picking up a book and reading these days. Make a goal to pick a book and read it cover to cover, whether it be a fantasy novel, thriller, or biography. When you do, put your phone in another room, turn the TV off, and go to a quiet spot so you aren’t distracted. Let yourself be free of distraction and really get invested in what you’re reading.

Leave Your Phone Behind

For people who are particularly attached to their devices, one good way to disconnect is to leave your phone at home when you go out. Whether you’re only leaving the house for a short period of time or you’re headed out with friends, leave your phone at home and focus on whatever you’re doing and whoever you’re with. Once you get over the initial withdrawal, you’ll find that without the distraction of your mobile device or the social crutch of ignoring everyone else for your screen, you can more fully enjoy the company of the people that are with you.

Disconnecting can be difficult, but it’s also a healthy and refreshing thing to do. Do you have any tips on how to disconnect? Let our apartment community know what you do to disconnect from technology and connect with your friends and family in real life by leaving a comment below!

someone holding an iPhone