Tricks to Teach Your Pet


Liv Avenida is proud to be a pet-friendly apartment community here in Chandler, AZ. Today on the blog we’re featuring a few ideas for having some fun with your pet — namely, by teaching them tricks! Try these ideas with your pet to encourage discipline and healthy interaction between you and your pet this summer.


For Cats

Acing the Shell Game

This game is perfect for cats because of how smart and naturally adept at hunting they are. It’s also great for exercising and honing their mental skills. Start with a cup and a treat, associating them together so they know to look for the object under the cup. Add in other cups and switch out the treat for a ball or another small object to get them to guess the right cup, every time!


Using the Toilet

Getting rid of a litter box can seem like an unattainable dream, but it’s possible, and you may be surprised at how well it goes for you! Just be patient and slowly walk your cat through the process. After about three months, your cat can learn how to sit on the edge of the toilet. Just be sure to flush (or teach them to pull a string to do it on their own)!


For Dogs


For an easy trick that’s sure to help break the ice when introducing your pet to a new person, try teaching your dog to wave. It’s surprisingly easy. Just keep on stock your dog’s favorite treats and a clicker if you are using clicker training. To complete this trick, your dog should first know how to shake paws. Follow the rest of the tutorial at The Spruce.


Opening a Door

This can come in handy for all sorts of situations. Choose a door that is appropriate for the weight of you pet. A more lightweight door will work better for a smaller dog, for example, than a heavy door would. This is a moderately difficult trick but it’ll be great to show off to any visitors to your apartment.


What are your favorite tricks to teach your pet? Share any tips you have for accomplishing these or any other tricks by leaving a comment. Good luck! We hope you have a great time bonding with your pet this summer.