TV Shows to Binge this Summer

There’s still a bit of summer left, so if you’re looking for a fun source of entertainment to keep you occupied at home here at Liv Avenida, watch a great TV show. Today on the blog we’re featuring a few shows you can stream in your apartment for a great way to mix up your summer excitement here in Chandler, AZ.


30 Rock

Tina Fey stars as Liz Lemon, the head writer of a sketch comedy show in this comedy series, so you know it’s going to keep you tickled with laughter and relatability. Liz juggles all sorts of responsibilities as she struggles to meet the crazy demands of her wacky co-workers and friends, an arrogant new boss, and a crazy new star in this show. With a joke about almost anything you could experience in life, politics, work, and relationships, this show is a delight to watch if you need something to wind down to after a long day.



Named for the nickname FBI special agent Seeley Booth gives his partner, forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan, this show gives all the glory to nerds and others who fight crime and solve murders. It’s on its final season, so by the time you’re ready for it, you may not even have to wait for the last season to air on your streaming program of choice. It has great character development, but be aware: as with many TV shows and movies, your favorite character may die.


Arrested Development

This Ron Howard-narrated show follows the Bluth family, whose lives were thrown into disarray when the father, George Bluth Sr., gets arrested for shady business. Michael Bluth struggles to pick up the pieces of the family business while cleaning up the messes of every other member of his family, who each contribute to the dysfunctional family mayhem. However you feel about the Netflix-made final season, this show will definitely show you that family really is the most important thing.


What are your favorite TV shows you recommend we watch? Let us know in the comments!