What's the Apps: Helpful Phone and Web Applications

We're coming up to the tail end of January, folks. The main question that everyone is avoiding asking themselves has begun to crop up: Have you kept up with your New Year's resolutions? It's a difficult thing, changing your everyday lifestyle to go along with a major alteration. Whether you attempted to make a big change or small, there's always ways to keep yourself and your changes on track. We at Liv Avenida have tracked down some great phone and web apps that help in maintaining goals here in Chandler, AZ. Compiled below are some easy ways to help focus (or refocus) those resolutions! 7 Minute Workout Improving health and fitness is one of the most common New Years resolutions. Recommended by many of their reviews, 7 Minute Workout is a very short but helpful app. It is a workout timer that times for seven minutes; these small workouts are the perfect way to spend a break at work or at home. After all, there's no excuses when it comes to such a short amount of time. Trello The perfectly customizable and portable to-do list, Trello is accessible both through their online application and its mobile twin. Provided you have internet access, lists will sync automatically and will be available on the go. Create lists within lists, organized sections, and check off lists that note your progress with this simple-to-use and user-friendly application. RescueTime Finding a work-life balance can be difficult, especially for busier individuals with hectic schedules. With distractions around every corner (especially on a computer) it's easy to wander away from the Trello to-do list. RescueTime is here to do just what the name says: rescue you from the negative time-sucking daily habits that bar productivity. This application tracks the time spent on applications and websites, giving an accurate picture of your day-to-day life and detailed reports on where you're funneling your attention. With such revealing documentation, it becomes much easier to note what's been wasting your time and how to get back on track. Those are just a few well-rated applications used by the productive. We hope they help you to maintain those resolutions even as the first new month ends. Do you have an