Workout Tips for the New Year

Last week on the Liv Avenida Blog we talked about one common new year’s resolution, reading more, and offered a few suggestions for books to read as you work on that goal. Today we want to talk about another classic resolution: working out! Try these tips to help you achieve your fitness goals this year, whether you’re exercising at our 24/7 fitness center or elsewhere in Chandler, AZ.


Make it part of your routine.

It’s easy to give up on a goal when it doesn’t feel like a natural part of your life. Make the process part of your daily life by focusing on the habits. For example, your ultimate goal might be to lose weight, but if you make establishing healthy eating and exercising habits the focus, the process will mean much more to you. This will make it something you’re dedicated to working on, even when it gets difficult.


Have a goal in mind.

Focusing on establishing good habits is great for starting out, but having a goal can also give you extra motivation once your routine is established. A goal can make your workout exciting and interesting, and give you ideas for how to work out. Reaching a goal can give you confidence in yourself and can put you in the mindset of constant (reasonable) improvement, which makes for a healthy lifestyle.


Be aware of the weather.

Odds are you probably want to get and stay in the habit of being active throughout the year — even when the Arizona weather gets unbearably hot. The thought of working up a sweat when you’re already feeling the heat can make exercise less appealing than it might already be. So be aware of how uncomfortable it may be, and do what you can to protect against and get through it!


Invest in workout clothes in light colors that reflect the sun (as opposed to darker colors, which absorb the heat) that are roomy enough to let you move comfortably while still not being too heavy. Work out inside where there’s air conditioning — or, if you really like exercising outside, wear sunscreen and gravitate toward shady spots. And remember to always stay hydrated!


What are your best tips or pieces of advice for keeping your fitness goals for the new year? Share with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment! Thanks for reading. Good luck!