Yoga Routines for a Great Indoor Workout


Working out in the heat, or even in a stuffy gym here in Chandler, AZ, can sound like a nightmare. You can still stay active, though, when you visit a place like our 24/7 fitness center at an earlier or later time of the day, when there are fewer people there or when the sun isn’t quite out yet. You can also try a low-impact workout like yoga, in the gym or even in your Liv Avenida apartment! Try these yoga routines for a fulfilling indoor workout this summer.


Try It Now: Yoga from Fitness Magazine

If you need a bit of convincing to start yoga, or if you need something simple to transition you into the lifestyle, check out this article. It spells out some reasons you’ll love it and explains how yoga works before getting into the poses. Check out the slideshow for helpful visuals of what each pose will look like so you can work on your form.


Yoga Workout - Better than the Gym - Abs & Core from Boho Beautiful

Whether you’re looking for something to strengthen your core after a good cardio workout or you want to wake yourself up in the morning, this 14-minute routine is just the option for you. Go through the poses in this routine to raise the heart rate and increase the blood flow throughout your body, speeding up your metabolism, as well.


20-Minute Power Workout to Strengthen and Stretch from Head to Toe from Self

Work on your flexibility and your breathing with the series of poses in this article. You may not have the luxury of hearing the directions while you work, but this article still gives you detailed written instructions on how to do each pose that you’ll find easy to navigate.


What are your favorite yoga routines and resources? Share any tips you have with the rest of us by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy these workouts and any others you find.