A Guide for Keeping Your Apartment in Order During the Holidays

We hope you’re enjoying the fall season here in Chandler, AZ this month. November is the month of Thanksgiving, and the rest of the year’s holidays will be here before you know it! Stay prepared for the chaos that often ensues by keeping your Liv Avenida apartment clean and orderly all throughout the next few months. Today we have tips for doing just that!


Start with the big cleaning tasks.

Get this out of the way before you’re consumed with preparing for holiday dinners and hosting guests! Take a day (or a few, depending on the state of your apartment) to clear your home of clutter, putting papers in folders, clearing away decorations from the past holiday, and giving each item a home in your apartment tucked out of sight or proudly where it can be seen and appreciated.


Then you can focus on doing the deep cleaning that will ensure your home feels fresh all month long. This includes cleaning the kitchen, clearing out the refrigerator, scrubbing the bathroom, wiping down tables and countertops, vacuuming or sweeping your floors and rugs, dusting blinds, cleaning your sink and disposal, and doing anything else you can think of.


Be strategic in your decorating.

It can be tempting to want to just let a metaphorical bomb of decorations explode throughout your apartment. But this can often lead to your home feeling cluttered. If you’re decorating for fall, keep your aesthetic clear by incorporating colors, textures, and shapes that work well together and create a unified look. Next week on the blog we’ll offer some ideas and suggestions for crafts you can make to do this, so be sure to check in again!


Clean up small messes every day.

Of course, living creates messes. Set aside just 10 or 20 minutes before you head to bed each evening to sweep up, wash dishes, or wipe down things that have accumulated grime over the day. On busier days when you’ll be making more messes (for example, while you’re cooking or decorating), keep this principle in mind and clean as you go so the big messes don’t accumulate as easily.


What are your best tips for keeping your apartment clean and orderly during the holidays? Let us know by leaving a comment. Good luck! Remembering these important basics will help you feel better as you navigate your to-do list and your apartment this month and next.