These 3 Aspects Make Luxury Living the Better Choice

Should you rent or buy a home? This is the first decision to make when looking for your next long-term residence. You may believe that renting a resort-style apartment will limit your quality of life, but more individuals are discovering that it can be much more satisfying, especially considering all of the amazing benefits and services that come with it.


Liv Multifamily provides luxurious living spaces that go above and beyond what you'll find in a typical apartment complex. There are several advantages of living in a resort-style apartment, including premium services and experiences, state-of-the-art business centers, and a secure neighborhood with everything you could require at your fingertips.


1. Satisfy Your Fitness and Relaxation Goals  

The number of leisure facilities available is one of the main reasons why so many people choose a deluxe apartment rental. The finest apartment communities have some of the greatest fitness and relaxation amenities available. All renters in Liv Multifamily apartment complexes have unrestricted access to heated swimming pools, pampering spas, 24-hour fitness centers, and even community gardens.


If you choose to live in a luxury apartment at Liv Multifamily, you'll have easy access to fitness centers with state-of-the-art equipment, including interactive cardio and strength machines. You will also receive free access to professional personal trainers who can help you achieve your exercise objectives, as well as group fitness workouts, yoga and dance lessons, and even onsite personal wellness partners. Instead of paying extra for a premium gym membership, you may get a fantastic workout any time of day, not to mention, it's walking distance from home.


Liv Multifamily also encourages you to unwind while you're on your fitness journey. A rental in one of our beautiful resort-style communities may give you full access to a heated swimming pool, sauna, community lounge, and even spa treatments like massages and facials when you need them.


You can enjoy some additional perks, including:

  • Community gardens with freshly grown fruits and vegetables.

  • Clubhouses and entertainment centers with full Wi-Fi and gaming capabilities.

  • Dog parks and other pet-friendly amenities.


2. Enhance Your Work Life With Luxury Business Centers  

With more work-from-home possibilities than ever before, it's critical to have a space that allows you to separate your job from your personal life. With well-furnished, cutting-edge business centers, Liv Multifamily properties allow you to do just that. As a renter, you will have access to all necessary corporate facilities - right from the comfort of your own living community.


A technologically advanced business center, complete with Wi-Fi, functional meeting rooms and workstations, as well as full printing, scanning, and faxing services, is something you can find included in each Liv Multifamily community. Every neighborhood also includes a café and coffee bar, as well as a community business center. Residents can enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or other barista creations from the comfort of their communities. These business center services are ideal for anybody who needs their daily shot of caffeine to get through a long day at work — even if they're working from home!


3. Safety and Convenience  

Perhaps the most significant advantage of renting in a resort-style apartment is the sense of security that comes with living in a secure community. Liv Multifamily takes the safety of its renters seriously. Each neighborhood offers gated entries, professional security guards, safe parking garages, and rentable storage cabinets.


While a Liv Multifamily community provides everything you might desire, you will undoubtedly want to explore the world from time to time. That is why each home is conveniently located near a variety of excellent restaurants, shopping malls, entertainment choices, and other enjoyable places.


Your Luxury Lifestyle Isn't Complete Without the Community  

Although safety, security, and other features are undoubtedly appealing, the most essential component of any community is its people. This is more than simply a place to sleep and eat. You're part of a warm family when you rent an apartment in a resort-style building.


At any one of our locations in Arizona and Michigan, individuals and families from all walks of life can discover their dream home at Liv Multifamily's premium communities. Settling into a Liv Multifamily rental means you'll enjoy all the fantastic amenities - including a state-of-the-art gym, pool, business center, and more - as well as a nice place to call home and a secure, pleasant community.

Luxury apartment community with a beautiful in-ground pool