Earth Day Ideas


It’s Earth Day! Have you made any plans to observe this special holiday? If you haven’t, this week’s post on Liv Avenida Blog is dedicated to giving you a few simple ideas to help you take better care of our wonderful Earth. Try one of these suggestions out at your Chandler, AZ apartment or wherever else you might be on Earth Day this year:

Get a Reusable Bottle

Between disposable water bottles, coffee cups, and soda cups, it’s easy to use far too many single-use items without even realizing it. If one of these drinks is part of your daily ritual — water should be if it already isn’t — then why not reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing a reusable bottle or cup? They usually last multiple years, even if you use them every day. Think about how many plastic water bottles you would use in a two-year period if you didn’t have a reusable bottle! One small adjustment like this can make a big difference.

Reduce Your Paper Mail

Do you ever get a bill or a notice in the mail that could be received in a way that doesn’t involve paper? If so, there’s a good chance that you can request to stop receiving physical paper copies of these messages and get them via email instead. This goes for junk mail as well; if there is mail you receive that you don’t even look at before it’s in the garbage, take a minute to contact these companies and ask to no longer receive their mail. It’s easy to do, and it will save a significant amount of paper at the same time!

Hang a Bird Feeder

If you see birds out your balcony occasionally, invite them to stick around a little longer by hanging up a bird feeder! You may not have your own private yard here at Liv Avenida, but a simple action like this will make your personal space seem a little closer to the natural world around you. There’s no doubt that it will make the birds happy as well.


Do you have any other suggestions for celebrating Earth Day? Let our community know by leaving a comment below.