Five Eggnog-Inspired Treats and Drink Recipes

With the end of Thanksgiving comes the transition, however slowly or quickly you decide to make it, from fall to winter. With that transition comes the blessing of new recipes to try out in your Liv Avenida apartment in Chandler, AZ. Since eggnog is a longtime holiday favorite for many, this week we’re blogging about eggnog recipes you can try. If you don’t like the traditional drink, don’t worry! We have four other eggnog-flavored treat recipes that you’re sure to love.


Homemade eggnog

Drinking eggnog is a staple for many once November or December start, so start making your eggnog recipes by making or learning how to make the classic drink. This recipe does not require you to use raw eggs or alcohol, so it’s ok for everyone, from your next-door neighbor to your seven-year-old cousin to your eighty-year-old grandma, to drink.


Eggnog cinnamon bread

This quick, easy recipe has you making three things: the bread, swirl topping, and icing glaze. The bread and the glaze have you using AE Classic Egg Nog, so you don’t even have to make the famous drink. The baking bread will infuse your home with delicious smells, making this recipe a sure favorite for family and friend gatherings and holiday celebrations.


Christmas eggnog pie recipe

Thanksgiving may be over, but who said that means you can’t eat all the pie you want? This eggnog-, nutmeg-, and rum-flavored pie is quick to make and tasty enough to satisfy your pie and eggnog cravings. Make it for the holidays or just when you want some delicious pie.


Eggnog ice cream with hot buttered rum sauce

In “this season’s version of a hot fudge sundae,” you get to experience the custard-based, creamy texture of eggnog, but in ice cream form. If you like rum in your eggnog, try out the rum sauce, which also utilizes the sweet flavors of butter and caramel. If you don’t, try out the Merchant Baker’s buttermilk caramel sauce, which is linked to in the article, or your other favorite ice cream topping.


Dairy free eggnog french toast casserole

Prepare for your favorite December traditions (and finish off your November ones) by adding a delicious, easy breakfast recipe to them! Soak your french toast casserole in almond nog, pumpkin spice eggnog, or soy nog for the taste that fits you and your fellow breakfast diners. Treat yourself this year with the moist, soft, sweet, donut-like texture, as the blogger describes it, and eggnog flavored casserole.


The world of eggnog treats is wide open for you to explore. Check out this article for 23 other eggnog treat recipes if you’re dying for more sweet, creamy, eggnog-flavored treats. Let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments so we can try them out!