How to Thrift Shop Smart

Thrift shopping is a great alternative to shopping if you want to find unique buys and support local donation centers near your apartment at Liv Avenida! Today our blog is all about how you can thrift shop smart to get the most out of your shopping spree at a thrift shop here in Chandler, AZ

Set a budget.

While thrift shopping can be much more inexpensive than going to a mall or boutique, it can still get pricey, depending on where you go, what you’re buying, and how much you’re getting. So go with an idea of what you want to get and how much you’re ok with spending. Be aware that sometimes even one high-quality vintage piece may take up most of your budget. If you’re ok with that, go for it! But setting boundaries and being honest about how important certain things are to you will help you know when to say no and when to indulge.

And if you’re worried you might overspend, bring along a friend to give you feedback on what buys might be worth it.

Go often.

Each thrift shop is unique and carries different items at different points in time. That’s just the nature of somewhere that has a stock of donated items! Of course, that means some trips may not be as successful as others so don’t get discouraged. Talk to employees or store managers and find out when they re-stock. Come back after a week or two to see if anything’s changed so you can find what you’re looking for. 


What better way to get involved than by immersing yourself in the practice of thrifting? Setting a goal to donate may be just the ticket to getting you to the thrift shops often. While you’re there getting rid of your things, you can avoid impulse buys because you’ll know exactly what you need to replace. Donating is a good way to give back, too, and to ensure these shops are getting the support they need.

What are your best tips for thrift shopping? What are your favorite places to go? Let us know by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! Good luck, and have fun!

Two women examining clothing in a thrift shop.