Last-Minute Shopping Tips

In an ideal world, everyone gets their holiday shopping done throughout the year or in an otherwise organized, planned-ahead way that doesn’t make December shopping a hassle. But of course, last-minute shopping is real for many of us. So this week the Liv Avenida blog wants to help you feel more in control of the sometimes intimidating task of leaving the safety of your apartment for holiday shopping in Chandler, AZ. Read these four tips for making last-minute shopping successful and mostly stress-free.


Make a list.

There’s a reason Santa creates his list and checks it twice: it helps keep everything in order, not only for making or buying gifts, but also for knowing the particulars. Whether it’s on your mobile device or a notepad, make note of how much you can spend on particular gifts and people, what sizes you need, how many things to get for different people, and where you put things afterward. This will help you avoid being surprised at the cash register and ensure you’ve covered all your bases.


Research online.

One of the pitfalls of last-minute shopping is it can make you feel rushed enough that you don’t have the time, energy, or thought to find the best price for your purchases. But if you research online, you might be able to find applicable coupons or a good deal at a store. If you can’t make it to that store, ask the store you are able to visit if they price match. A couple dollars may not seem like much, but it adds up! Research can also save you a trip if items at a store sell out.


Ask about complimentary gift wrapping.

Gift wrapping can be stressful, especially if you have to wrap many last-minute. Next week the blog is covering last-minute gift wrapping tips, so stay tuned. But the task can also be a part of the shopping process. Many stores offer complimentary wrapping or have an area where people in the community wrap presents for free or a small donation. It can save you time, effort, and supplies, so keep your eyes peeled. Also remember to keep your receipts in one place and ask for gift receipts, which can be taped to your gift before wrapping.


Stay within your boundaries.

To avoid spending too much unnecessary time or money in a store, give yourself a time limit and a budget. If you’re visiting multiple stores in a day, make a route beforehand so you can cut down on traveling time. Sticking to your schedule will help you avoid impulse buys and still shop successfully. While you’re making your schedule, remember to include time for food breaks, and give yourself some wiggle room in case one place unexpectedly takes up more time than you wanted. Just make it a goal to not get too behind so you don’t get burnt out!


What tips do you have for shopping last minute? Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment so we can try them! Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!