Self-Improvement Week 1: Reflecting

Welcome to the Liv Avenida Blog! September is National Self-Improvement Month. Participate by making practical efforts to improve all aspects of yourself and your life, in or out of your apartment here in Chandler, AZ. This month our blog is dedicated to guiding you through some ways you can do that. Our first blog post is all about reflecting and planning for making the best changes for you.

Evaluate your goals.

Goals are most popular to make in January, but making, working toward, and reaching goals regularly can give you something positive to look forward to each day, giving you purpose and meaning even during the lulls or low points of your life. So try to frame your hobbies and projects around accomplishing goals (even if that goal is just adding joy to your life), whether they’re old ones you need to pick back up with or new ones you hope to start.

Write a letter to your future self.

If you feel overwhelmed about where to start with your goals and efforts for self-improvement, writing to a future version of yourself can be a safe place for you to sort out your thoughts. Get to the nitty-gritty of what you hope to accomplish and who you want to be five years from now. Then seal it, put it in a secure place, and let the motivation of the hope for the future drive you into action.

Identify blind spots.

We know ourselves as we know ourselves — not necessarily as others see or are affected by us. Lifehack suggests that you discover potential areas for improvement that you may not normally see by identifying your triggers (things that annoy or affect you negatively) and getting to the root of why it bothers you. These things often go overlooked, but if you can identify it, you’re one step closer to dealing with it!

Ask for feedback.

Another way to discover your blind spots is by asking those around you (co-workers, friends, family members, neighbors, or even acquaintances) about how you affect them and how you’re doing. Explain that you want to improve, and approach their criticisms as constructively as possible so you can move forward and actually make progress on your journey of personal growth. It takes patience and humility hearing these things, but these are important qualities that make you a better person in the long run.

How do you approach self-improvement? Share your best personal reflection tips with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! Good luck!

Woman creating a self portrait