Tips for Indoor Gardening

The great thing about indoor gardening is you can do it any time of the year, as long as you can find plants and seedlings at your local grocery store here in Chandler! Gardening outside may seem impossible because of the often extreme temperatures here in Arizona, but you can still grow some herbs, vegetables, or other greens in your apartment. Learn how in this week’s Liv Avenida Blog!


Choose what you want to grow. Start small as you make your decisions so you can figure out what works for you, your habits of caring for plants, and how much space and light you can give your plant. One good option is to try growing plants in water. You just have to keep the water fresh when it gets murky or low, but otherwise, you just need a vase big enough to allow for the roots or cuttings of your plant to live and grow.


Discover the world of growing herbs inside. If you’re not sure where to start, the blogger of Grow a Good Life says to try chives, oregano, rosemary, thyme, or parsley. Rosemary withstands a temperature fluctuation of 45 to 70 degrees, so even if you prefer your apartment on the cold side, it should be fine. It also works in cactus-potting mixes. Thyme is drought resistant once established. Each of these herbs adds intense flavoring and beautiful coloring to your dishes, too!


Find the right materials. Starting an indoor garden doesn’t have to be complicated. Once you figure out exactly what you want to grow, you can have a better idea for the pots, soil, and any other materials you’ll need to sustain them. Check out Yelp’s suggestions for the 10 best nurseries and gardening stores in Chandler, AZ.


Once you have things planted, remember to keep a good schedule, but don’t panic if you forget to water it a couple times. Give them attention and persist so you can reap what the fruits of success!


Do you keep an indoor garden? Share your wisdom to keeping one successfully in the comments! Thanks for reading. Happy gardening!