How to Throw a Glamorous New Year's Eve Party

This week marks the last week of 2016, so get ready to ring in the new year by keeping in mind these tips as you throw your own glamorous New Year’s party in your Liv Avenida apartment, or anywhere else in Chandler, AZ.


Send out invitations.

It might feel daunting to pull off a party in less than a week, but if you send out invitations now, you can devote the rest of the week to preparing your apartment and your party for Saturday evening. Decide on the scope of your party and adjust your invitations accordingly. If you want it to be a small get-together, a simple mass text is sufficient. If you want it to be a little fancier, consider sending Facebook, hand-delivered, or electronic invites. Make note on the invitations how formal your party is so people know how to dress.


Go all out in decorations and games.

Nothing says “New Year’s Eve party” better than glitter, champagne (or sparkling cider), toasts, balloons, noisemakers, and kazoos (to name a few things). If you want, choose a theme and go all out when incorporating that into your party’s decorations, foods, and games. Socializing keeps your guests busy during parties, but to help encourage that, put on some games, like these New Year’s Eve Minute to Win It games, or encouraging people to think about their resolutions.


Prepare some treats.

While most party foods will please any guest, you can add to the party’s theme by making these gold glitter-dipped peanut butter Oreos or these glitter-dipped fortune cookies. To make your cupcakes more festive, try these countdown cupcakes. You can also make these “Party in a Glass” parfaits with or without the liquor. The opportunities for tasty treats and drinks are quite endless, so plan out a menu according to what you and your guests like (alcohol versus non-alcoholic, sweets versus healthy, etc.).


Have a plan for counting down to 2017.

Make the most exciting part of the night fun for everyone by having a countdown to the new year. If you’re going to have people toast each other after the ball drops, get the drinks ready at least a few minutes before the final countdown. This balloon pop countdown can be a fun way to make the most of the entire night, especially if kids are involved.


Let your neighbors know.

While many people might be celebrating the dawn of 2017 in their Liv Avenida apartments, others might be opting for an early night in. Be considerate of everyone and let those near you know what you’re planning, preferably before you set your ideas in stone so you can adjust if your neighbors need something more quiet. Healthy communication and compromise are definitely great ways to start 2017 off right!


What are some tips you have for throwing a great party? What are your favorite traditions? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading, and happy New Year. See you next year!