Local Libraries

Throughout Arizona and the United States as a whole, libraries are an essential part of where we live. They provide free and convenient access to novels and knowledge, movies and music to borrow, and essential studying spots for students and casual learners alike. Chandler has libraries all across town, granting easy access to the tomes stored on their shelves. The closest branch to us here at Liv Avenida is the Downtown branch, only nine minutes away from our community. As a resident of Chandler, you can immediately apply to get a library card at Chandler Public Library. This will allow you to borrow not just from the branch you sign up at, but from all Chandler libraries. To get a card, one simply has to present proof at the library that they're a resident of our town or Maricopa County. Adults must provide a picture ID that has a name and current local address. However, if the ID has an outdated address, simply showing documentation with your new address will work. Checks, voters registration cards, postmarked mail, hunting or fishing licenses, or any other official document that includes the applicant's name and local address will work. For young adults (ages 13-17) to obtain a card, they have to show similar ID. School photo IDs or report cards can act as identification for teens. However, simply having a parent or legal guardian present who can provide their own ID and proof of current address works as well. For the youngsters (ages 0-12), all that's needed with their application is the parent or guardian with the aforementioned required documents. It's incredibly easy to sign up for local libraries. Those with cards have access to thousands of books, newspapers, DVDs, CDs, and the various programs held within the Chandler libraries. The programs and events are always exciting affairs, particularly for younger audiences. Even better, one can utilize the Chandler Public Library website to access accounts, renew books, and reserve books. We highly recommend utilizing the nearby libraries, as they provide a wonderful service to the Chandler community as a whole. Do you have a favorite branch? What's your favorite memory when it comes to local libraries? Share your thoughts in the comments below!