Recipes for a Delightful Thanksgiving Dinner

Welcome back to the Liv Avenida Blog! We hope you’re having fun going on our fall journey this month as you prepare your apartment and your schedule for Thanksgiving here in Chandler, AZ. This Thursday is the big day, so if you don’t have your menu ready for the big dinner, try one of these suggestions. We have great ideas for sides anyone will love.


The Most Amazing Oven Roasted Corn

Skip the canned or boiled corn and go for simple, flavorful corn on the cob. Do as the author of this recipe does and cut the corn niblets off any leftovers to use in salads or homemade chicken pot pie recipes. This will give your plate and your palate a distinct fresh, flavorful break from all the thick gravy.


Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Everyone has their favorite way of making mashed potatoes. If you haven’t found yours yet (or if you simply want to try something new), try this recipe! As the author says, the “whipping cream and butter provide a rich creaminess that will make your potatoes stand out.” You’ll be proud to bring this dish to the table.


Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler

Pumpkin, pecans, and cobbler are each by themselves a stellar fall classic. Combine them all together in this well-thought-out recipe for the “ultimate fall dessert.” Top the cake with ice cream and dig in to discover the hot caramel sauce on the bottom — and the pecans on your way there!


My Favorite Sausage Bread Stuffing

Get the perfect blend of flavor, moistness, and crispiness in a stuffing by trying out this blogger’s favorite — the one she always ends up going back to. With just the right amounts of bread, poultry seasoning, Italian sausage, yellow onions, celery, butter, eggs, sage, chicken stock, and salt, this may become a new favorite for you.


What are your favorite Thanksgiving dinner sides or recipes? Share with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment. We hope you have a fantastic holiday! Happy Thanksgiving!